WHOLEDUDE – WHOLEDESIGNER – MAXWELL: James Clerk Maxwell developed a comprehensive theory of electricity and magnetism. His theory, ‘A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism'(1873) concludes that electric and magnetic energy travel in transverse waves that propagate at a speed equal to that of light; light is thus only one type of electromagnetic radiation. Defining fields […]


WHOLEDUDE – WHOLEDESIGNER – BAEYER: The biological coloration generated by the pigments of biological tissues that reflect or transmit light are known as biochromes. The organic compounds, biochromes, are classified according to the presence or absence of Nitrogen. Pigments produce color by selective absorption of light. The molecules of pigment absorb a limited range of […]


The Sky is Blue. It may reveal that planet Earth is a designed, unique, original, distinct, one of its own kind of celestial object.


The Computer can only exist as a simple Machine that performs mechanical actions as directed for it has no Soul/Spirit.


WHOLEDUDE – WHOLEDESIGNER – TYNDALL EFFECT: Sir Issac Newton concluded that bodies appear colored under white light because they reflect some of its spectral components more strongly than other components of the light spectrum. The mechanisms of color production in nature involves several factors and John Tyndall explained what is named as Tyndall Effect. Colloidal […]


The term design means to make a plan, a pattern, or outline and carry out the execution by artistic arrangement in a skillful way. To produce an artistic unit, the designer will arrange the parts; details of form, color, etc., to fit into the artful scheme. Unlike an artist, the Whole Designer creates the whole […]


WHOLEDUDE – WHOLETWEET I only want to be heard and I do not want to be seen. I speak about the relation between sound and echo, the song and the singer, the Creator, and the created. https://twitter.com/wholedude Related articles Wholedude – Whole Artist (bhavanajagat.com) Wholedude – Whole Artist (wholedude.com) Wholedude – Whole Inventor (bhavanajagat.com) Wholedude […]


The term ‘inventor’ is used to describe a person who devises a new contrivance. This is a post to pay tribute to Dr. Douglas Carl Engelbart who during 1968 invented the first computer ‘mouse’ and has revolutionized the manner in which people can use the electronic medium to communicate with each other, and to perform […]


The Declaration of Independence has not given the Freedom from Social and Economic inequalities. Freedom is at peril in the United States.