The Rudi-Grant Connection celebrates the 9-Years Long Service Medal to Salute the Law of Temperance

The nature of Army Operations and Tactics always demand to overcome the onslaught of sense pleasures and voluntarily delaying the gratification of personal desires. A lifestyle based upon physical ease and comfort and indulgence in food and alcohol is not compatible with the Army way of life.

The Rudi-Grant Connection gives guidance to find a Path to know God, Truth, and Life by knowing the Dead Things

I learned the truths about the living human body and about Life while dissecting the dead human bodies in a systematic manner.

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the Breath of Life as a vital, spiritual function called Cellular Respiration

Respiration and Circulation are described as Vital Functions as they provide Vital Energy in the form of Energy-Yielding Chemical Molecules called ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) required for the performance of all living functions.

The Rudi-Grant Connection evaluates man’s future in terms of Evolution or Extinction

The theory of evolution would not be able to offer a sense of hope to humanity and just like the dinosaurs, man would be the next doomed species.

The Rudi-Grant Connection learns about Life by dissecting the cadavers

It would be much more interesting to reflect upon as to how man arrives here in the first place. If we understand as to when and how man arrives on planet Earth, we could be more certain about man’s status in nature.

The Rudi-Grant Connection nullifies the mental concept of the Buddhist Doctrine of Emptiness or Sunyavada

The true, ultimate nature of all Living Things or Absolute Svabhava is the Spiritual Nature of the Living, Corporeal Matter that essentially constitutes the Life of the Living Thing.

The Rudi-Grant Connection investigates my relationship with myself. Who am I?

What is my relationship with myself ?
I have forgotten all other relationships.
How many mirrors that I have looked into, yet I have forgotten my face.