The Rudolf-Rudi Connection formulates the Positive Science of Man’s Spiritual Development to become a Social Being

The complex human living system exists as a Social Group, Social Organization, and as a Social Being.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection brings together the Human Nature and the Human Behavior

The concept of Whole Synthesis formulates the understanding of Behavior by the study of the relationships between Substance, Structure, Function, Heredity, Environment, Social Community and the actions performed.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Dialectical Materialism vs Dialectical Spiritualism

All concepts about the material wellbeing of the man must explore the relationship between the energy dependent human organism and its provider of matter and energy.

The Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine Formulates the Medical Doctrine of Immortality and Everlasting Life, the Higher State of Existence

There are three fundamental issues. 1. What is the purpose of Food? 2. What is the purpose of Man? And 3. What is the purpose of planet Earth?

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Proposes a Cognitive Theory of the Human Existence.

The purpose of the Cognitive Science of Spiritualism is to describe and codify observations and experiences to explain the biological basis for human existence.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Discovers the Spiritual Dimension of the Cell Theory

The objective of this presentation is to define ‘Spiritualism’ as an internal, mutually beneficial partnership, relationship, association, or bonding between individual living cells of the same organism, or between two different organisms. Spiritualism has to be explained in the context of biotic interactions and consciousness determines the nature and characteristics of such biotic interactions.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection. Darwinism vs Mendelism.

To refute the concept called ‘DARWINISM’, the Proof or Verification is in Eating Sweet Garden Peas and recognizing them from their color, taste, smell, flavor, texture, and palatability. Plants and animals do not use sensory functions like vision, olfaction, and taste in protein synthesis. The sensory experience of man is possible for living things exist with an innate tendency to express their Form, Nature, and Essence. I am asking my readers to contemplate upon supernatural circumstances that may define Form, Nature, and Essence of living things that are not explained by a study of their genes and genetic code.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Studies Life and Death as Dynamic Events involving the Cyclical Flow of Chemical Molecules. How Life Works?

If Life involves a series of Chemical Reactions such as the Redox or Oxidation-Reduction Chemical Reactions, the same dynamic process continues into Death causing changes to promote Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Renewal, and Rebirth. Spirituality has to be stated as the Dynamic Force that promotes Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility in the material transformations described as Life and Death.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Defines the Molecular Basis of Spirituality Science as Existence, Inheritance, and Spiritualism

I ask my readers to make the three fundamental distinctions; 1. Essence vs Existence, 2. Heredity vs Inheritance, and 3. Parasitism vs Spiritualism.