Makar Sankranti on Friday, January 14, 2022. The celebration of Sun’s Path across the Sky Dome

The man is fortunate for things of world experience do not always confirm to the knowing mind.

On the Tenth Day of January 2022, the Septuagenarian Lives on Hope Alone. When Everything Else Ceases, Love Never Fails

I am not surprised to find that people do not understand the pain that I reveal in my writing. I am not surprised to find that people do not perceive the hardships that I endure. I am not surprised to find that people cannot hear my voice filled with desperation.

Happy New Year 2022. Prayers for wisdom to guide me

The man cannot discover God’s mind by inventing schemes or mental tricks, or by using cunningness or deception. Man has to submit to Will of God and learn about God with guidance, assistance, instruction, and counsel of the Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord. 

Transient Being vs Eternal Being. The Two Facets of the Human Existence. Mortal vs Everlasting Life

Man is a created being, exists as an Individual with Individuality, and has living substance constituted by Chemical Elements that are immortal, imperishable, or eternal. However, Man, the physical being with a shape and form is transient as he is born with a plan for the dissolution of its form.

The Miracle Called Whole Conception. Receive the Spirit of Life

To be born of Water and the Spirit, the man needs the Miracle of Whole Conception. The generative actions of the natural parents leading to the human conception are not good enough for it only gives birth to flesh.

Earthly Existence Synchronized by the creation of Day and Night

Diverse aspects of human physiology and behavior show that human existence is synchronized with alternating periods of light and darkness which is described as Diurnal Rhythm.

Earthly Existence and the Cosmic Connection

Indian Cultural traditions recognize Sun as SAVITA which means Cosmic Father and He is often described as the provider of great rains, and as a friend of waters that flow across the land surface. Earthly existence is simply impossible without this harmonious relationship between the Cosmic Sun and earthly living creatures. 

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. The Rational Basis for Idol Worship

For God created Matter, the man cannot doubt God’s existence unless and until man can create or destroy matter. It is rational to attach God’s presence to Matter and to visualize God’s presence in stone idols carved by man.