Defining Indian Identity -The Tradition of Ahimsa

This is a story about child abduction and a miraculous rescue made possible by adherence to the Tradition. In the Land of India, the tradition and practice of AHIMSA or non-injury has been well established. Ahimsa helps humans as much as it promotes the well being of animals.

Defining Indian Identity – The Light Bulb Connection

Light or Jyoti in Sanskrit represents the Eternal Reality. Jyoti is our consciousness, its our awareness and it connects us to the Creator, the Controller of Energy and the Provider of Energy to all Energy Seekers.

Defining Indian Identity -The Fear of Samsara

Indian Identity is characterized by a “FEAR”. This is unlike the “FEAR OF THE LORD” described in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the Land of Bharat, human existence is described as ‘SAMSARA’ or ‘BHAVA’. It is a fearful journey. It is a disease entity.

A Prayer to Lord Ganesha for Success with Humility

Indians worship Lord Ganesha to seek success with a sense of humility.While exploring the thoughts, ideas, and mental concepts that originated in the Land of India, I seek a creative inspiration from Lord Rama who had inspired poet Bammera Potana.