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There is no term or word other than “Abd” ( meaning Slave) in Arabic Language to describe Man’s true or real identity. I can call myself with any name as per my native tradition, but in reality, I exist in this physical world as “Slave of God” or ‘Abdullah’. Indeed, it can be argued that Man lives as ‘Slave of Sin’. In my analysis, even the ‘Sinner’ is not independent of God. All of us without any exception simply exist on account of bondage, servitude, slavery imposed by God who is full of Mercy, Grace, and Compassion.

For I have no choice of my own, I have to identify myself as ‘Abdul’ but can choose 99 names given to God to clarify my Slavery status. For example, I can be Abdul-Kareem (Slave of the Generous One), Abdul-Malik (Slave of the King or Supreme Ruler), Abdul-Rahman ( Slave of the Merciful One), Abdur-Rabb (Slave of the LORD).

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From: Devinder Singh Gulati

Subject: Who am I

There is only one soul, says Ramana.

And that soul is God.

“Ramana Maharshi pushed every questioner back to face himself. Paul Brunton for example had asked some questions.
Maharshi: “Who is the I who asks this question?”

Brunton: “I, Paul Brunton.”

Maharshi: “Do you know him?”

Brunton: “All my life.”

Maharshi: “That refers only to the body. Who are you?

A thread runs through whatever Ramana Maharshi says:

There is only one Atman (I or Self). Everybody is That. Always. Ever. Right now. Everybody is basically perfect. Nothing is to be attained. Everybody is always only the one Self. The whole point is to get rid of a wrong idea – the idea that ‘I’ am this separate person and this body.

Thoughts are the cause for this feeling that one is the body. Thoughts dim the splendour of the Self, foremost among them the I-thought, which is the basis of all other thoughts. There is not a big I and a small I next to it. There is only one real I, from which an I-thought regarding the individual emerges. This I-thought has no substance. It is not real, yet it pretends to be the real I. This insubstantial I is the basis for everything that happens in our life and in our world. Everything revolves around this personal I which is nothing but thought.

This individual, thought-based I exists only in the waking state. In deep sleep it is not there. Yet I am no doubt continuously there – in waking, dreaming and sleeping. The personal, pseudo I emerges from the real I on waking up.”
Ramana Maharshi and the most important question in life

Ramana Maharshi and the most important question in life

India is an amazing country and unique in several aspects. For example, in every age great spiritual personaliti…

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Whole Man - Whole Theory: "I am Consciousness, Therefore I am" is my proposition to examine the reality of Man and the World in which he exists.

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