Spiritualism – The discovery of Bhavanajagat.com

The Discovery of Bhavanajagat.com – Bhavanajagat is devoted to discover the purpose of man in this vast, universe of unknown dimensions.
SPIRITUALISM – THE DISCOVERY OF BHAVANAJAGAT.com : Man’s home in the Milky Way Galaxy. Man is destined to live and seek existence on planet Earth as it is created with a purpose; the purpose of providing a home to the living entities.
SPIRITUALISM – THE DISCOVERY OF BHAVANAJAGAT.com: Planet Earth is unique, distinctive, original, and one of its own kind of created celestial object. The feature that I use to determine planet Earth’s originality is that of its Rotational Spin; its Rotational Speed and its Rotational Axis which make the planet the home for all living things.

Bhavanajagat.com is a site devoted to discovering man’s purpose in this vast universe of unknown dimensions. Please note that the word ‘man’ is being used in this conversation to refer to the human organism which is constituted by trillions of individual, independent, living cells that have formulated an association, a partnership, a relationship and bonding that is beneficial to the existence of the ‘subject’ called ‘man’. If man has a purpose in this universe; it will not be possible to discover that purpose by physically exploring the limits or boundaries of the universe. Man’s physical abilities and capacity to directly explore universe are extremely limited. Man needs the safety and comfort of his terrestrial home to perform his life’s journey. The word “JAGAT” refers to planet Earth, this entire known and unknown limits of physical universe. The word “JAGAT” also refers to things that are constantly moving and hence changing. Man exists on planet Earth which is never at the same position as it partakes in the motion of Sun in the Milky Way. It is observed that the galaxies in our universe are not stationary objects and are moving all the time. Man may never know his precise location in this universe at any given instant and his existence is conditioned by an unknown factor called change. Since man’s existence is conditioned by constant change, it faces several challenges from known and unknown directions. The purpose of my study and investigation is that of promoting the well-being of all people without any distinction based upon race, ethnicity, country or nationality, culture, religion, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, educational qualification, occupational status, social ranking and participation in social or political organizations. There is a fundamental need to defend, and to preserve human existence as such ideas are always inspired by true or real human nature.

Man is a Rational Being:

Vitruvian Man, the creation of Leonardo da Vinci – Spiritualism – The Discovery of Bhavanajagat.com: What is the purpose of Man in Life and What is His purpose in the World and in the Universe where he exists?

Man has no choice other than that of depending upon his reasoning abilities to arrive at a rational understanding of his purpose in life and its existence in this universe. A tool that man can use to know and understand the world and the universe is called “Bhavana.” The Indian language term “Bhavana” refers to a mental function or activity called thought or imagination. Man has the ability to use sensory information and combine it with his reasoning skills to make inferences about things that he may not be able to directly experience. Man uses a verification process to validate his mental concepts and ideas to find some correspondence between the mental concept and an external reality.

The word “Bhavana” could be used in several contexts such as  1.Originating Principle, 2. Prime Cause, 3. Devotion, 4. Meditation, 5. Mental Reflection or Contemplation, acts of thinking or imagination, 6. an act of Remembrance, 7. a proof or evidence, 8. recognition of things using the olfactory sense perception, 9. the mental preparation prior to performance of acts such as procreation and others,and 10. the use of a fluid medium like honey or fruit juice to dissolve medicinal agents. Using the principles of valid reasoning, it can be suggested that the universe had a beginning and it appears as a creative beginning as the products or things that came into existence appear like original, distinctive, and one of their own kind of objects. As of today, planet Earth appears like one of its own kind of object that is known to be supporting human existence. If planet Earth and the universe are created entities, the beginning implies a creative thought, imagination, or “Bhavana.” I will be using Bhavanajagat.com to share those ideas and mental concepts that may have practical application to provide therapeutic relief to the problems of human existence in this world and in this universe. I would also use Bhavanajagat.com to communicate several aspects of the term Bhavana as it relates to Jagat, planet Earth and universe that are subject to constant change.

Man is a Created Being : The Subjective Reality of Man:

SPIRITUALISM – THE DISCOVERY OF BHAVANAJAGAT.com: Man is a created being and this fact does not demand the Discovery of the Lord God Creator. Man is a rational being who uses sensory information, applies a reasoning process and makes inferences about existence of things that he may not be able to directly experience.

Bhavanajagat recognizes man as a created being. Man comes into his state of existence as an original, unique, distinctive, one of its own kind of object or thing that has not existed in the past, and will not exist again in the future. This uniqueness is related to the nature of the human genome that always establishes man as a specific Individual. Man has no choice other than that of existing as an Individual with Individuality. This fact of being an Individual is explained by the individualistic behavior of the DNA molecules which determine the morphological appearance, the structures, and functions of the human organism the DNA and other organic molecules create. The human person who describes himself as “I” comes into being and declares the fact of his existence by using the two words; “I AM.” The person called “I” has no independent existence at any stage of his existence. The condition called human existence always demands a connection with an external source of energy. In good health, or ill-health, at any given age, under any given circumstances, at any given place and environment, and membership in a social community, man needs to use energy and replenish the used energy. Man can maintain the Subjective Reality of his existence if he is connected to an external source of energy that derives its energy from Cosmic or extraterrestrial source of energy. Man does not establish this connection or partnership because of his physical, or mental efforts and work.

Man is a Spiritual Being: The Objective Reality of Man:

SPIRITUALISM – THE DISCOVERY OF BHAVANAJAGAT.com : What is the “Connection” between man and Sun? Does man have the physical and intellectual ability or capacity to harness Solar Energy to maintain his living functions?  Man is a spiritual being as his existence demands the presence of a vital, animating, Life Principle that can be named as soul, or spirit. The purpose of soul or spirit involves the use of awareness or consciousness to obtain energy from an external source to maintain the fact or condition called living. Man has no ability to directly rule or govern the individual, independent living cells of his body that display functional autonomy. Man, to support his existence needs the integration of functions of the cells, the tissues, and the various organ systems that constitute the multicellular, complex organism. Soul or spirit is the agency that operates the guiding or controlling mechanisms to provide mutually beneficial relationships and interactions that have characteristics such as mutual assistance, mutual tolerance, mutual cooperation, and mutual subservience for the benefit of the person who exists because of those functions.

Man is a Spiritual Being as his existence demands the presence of a vital, animating, Life Principle. While most people agree that there is a fundamental distinction between living, and non-living matter, there is no consensus about the meaning of the term ‘soul’, or ‘spirit’. Bhavanajagat would use the term ‘Soul’, or ‘Spirit’ to describe it as a living principle and the term will not be used to describe any kind of immaterial principle which may have an independent existence while it is not attached to a living human being.

Man’s Essence and Man’s Existence:

SPIRITUALISM – DISCOVERY OF BHAVANAJAGAT.com: The Pencil in Water Illusion: Man leads a ‘conditioned’ existence, just like the Pencil in Water. The Reality of the Pencil can be easily demonstrated by simply removing the Pencil from Water. In case of man it is not easy to conduct such a demonstration as man needs the help of an Illusion and not the experience of Reality. Science can explain the reason for this Illusion, but Science has no Power/Force/Energy to alter the properties of Light rays that produce the Illusion. While being conditioned, man has no choice other than that of Ignorance; the Reality of planet Earth’s motions are not needed as direct sensory experience.

Man’s Essence (What You Are) has two aspects; 1. An External Reality that can be known to others and is recognized by others, and 2. An Internal Reality, known to the man or an entity that can be called “The Knowing-Self.” Man’s physical identity, actions, and behavior are variable and are influenced by variable, external, environmental factors. Man defines his Essence in his thoughts, in his speech, in his actions, and behavior. But, to display this Essence, man needs the help of an unchanging operating principle that is associated with the nature of his living substance or living matter. Soul, or spirit is that unchanging principle that is unaffected by the influence of time or the variable, external, environmental factors. Man’s thoughts, speech, actions, and behavior will reflect this true, or real unchanging spiritual nature when he understands, and knows that his Existence demands the experience of an Illusion. Man exists on the surface of a fast-moving object and man is blissfully ignorant of the reality of Earth’s motions.Man recognizes Sunrise, Sunset, the alternating periods of Light and Darkness, and the changing Seasons. But, man has no direct, sensory experience of the fact of a moving object that causes the changes that he experiences as Day and Night. In other words, man lives because of his ignorance of the amazing speed with which the world is constantly changing its location in the Space. The speed of planet Earth if experienced, is not compatible with human existence. Man exists as he has no direct experience of the Reality of this World and the Universe. Man can recognize the operation of a Fundamental Force called Gravitation. But, if man’s Essence, and Existence have to come together, we need a Power/Force/Energy that can be called Mercy/Grace/Compassion. To know the existence of this Power/Force/Energy called Mercy/Grace/Compassion, man is endowed with an intellectual ability called ‘devotion’. Bhavanajagat.com intends to explore the purpose of man in this universe using a reasoning process directed by ‘devotion’.

Kindly join me in this effort and visit Bhavanajagat.com to review my thoughts and offer me with your feedback.

Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada,

Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

The discovery of Bhavanajagat.com using a reasoning process directed by devotion.

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    Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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    1. Nostalgic about Kurnool Medical College days ! Rudra Narasimham with sodabuddi eye glasses,an intellectual and kind of rebellious.
      Interesting and thought provoking reading .


    2. Thanks for visiting my blog post. During the days at Kurnool, I was introduced to Indian thinker Jiddu Krishnamurti.I question only the conventional wisdom and challenge some traditional customs and habits. However, I am not a true rebel. I recognize the conditioned nature of human existence. Disobedience or rebellious nature is just not possible if man has to keep his earthly existence. We always live according to the Laws of Nature with no exceptions.


      1. Man’s home in the Milky Way Galaxy. Man is destined to live and seek existence on planet Earth as it is created with a purpose; the purpose of providing a home to the living entities.This is in consonance with
        the spiritual way propounded by potana amatya in SrimadBhagavatham,”lokambulu lokesulu lokasthulu tegina tudi allokambagu penjeekatikavvala yevvandekakruthi velugu vani ney seevinthun.” ,this gives insight into milky way and black holes(Nobel prize winner S.Chandrasekhar theory)


      2. My dear Ashok,
        Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comment. In my very first blog post, I spoke about Bammera Potana and his inspired poetry. Man visually recognizes the vastness of this universe during the period of darkness called night when the sky is lit up by numerous illuminated objects and man senses that the brightness of Sun that illuminates his world is hidden from him. Potana may have expressed his feelings of devotion to seek and worship that LORD who is shining while the Earth is enveloped in big or huge darkness. In Gajendra Moksham, in the poem, “Evvane che janimchu”, Potana describes God as “ATMA BHAVUN”, the God who created me or the cause of my individual birth, as the God that he would seek to ask for refuge or protection when life is endangered by a threat that cannot be overcome. In other words, God exists as a personal God, and man can have only subjective experience of his personal God and there can be no objective verification of God’s existence.

        A Prayer to Lord Ganesha for Success with Humility.


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