Neural Correlates Of Consciousness
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The Ann Arbor News story about a mother squirrel’s angry attack on a school teacher has caused me to explore the biological aspects of consciousness. Parental care or Maternal instinctive behavior is an aspect of social behavior exhibited by all animals. Being ‘conscious’ gives us the ability to interact with our environment and display an appropriate behavioral response. A living entity is always ‘conscious’ of its own existence. A living entity always exists in a state of consciousness. A living organism or a living cell responds when exposed to a stimulus. Consciousness is evaluated by conducting simple tests. Apart from consciousness being a survival mechanism, it helps an organism to maintain its existence by obtaining energy from its environment. The Energy Provider and the Energy seeker maintain a state of constant relationship. Human consciousness would always propel us to establish a connection with the ultimate source of ENERGY or POWER.
Kindly review my thoughts about maternal instinctive behavior, consciousness, and the energy relationships at my blog post titled ‘A Squirrel Story to explore Consciousness’.
Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham, B.Sc., M.B.B.S.,
Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India,
M.B.B.S.  Class  of  April,  1970.

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