My Father, Shri. R. Suryanarayana Murthy, Principal(Retd) rejoicing during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Giriraj Government Arts College, Nizamabad.
In the year 1961, my Father was transferred from Government Arts College, Rajahmundry to Nizamabad upon his selection as the Principal of Giriraj Government Arts College. At age 13, I had joined Giriraj as a student of the Pre-University Course. In 1962, at age 14, I had joined the Bachelor of Science, 3 year degree course. I had started understanding the security threats that were faced by India after the brutal Chinese aggression across our Himalayan frontier. I had also started to lose my faith in the United Nations as India was not able to defend its vital national interests in the Security Council and India had mostly survived on account of the help extended by the Soviet Union. At Giriraj, when we celebrated the ‘ U.N.O. DAY ‘, I had an opportunity to speak and publicly express my opinion about India’s relationship with the United Nations. As my Father, the Principal of Giriraj, was listening to me, I told the Faculty Staff Members and the assembled student community that India should exercise its rights to develop and test the nuclear weapons. India had actually carried out its first nuclear test at POKHRAN on May 18, 1974.
I love Giriraj, which had given me this courage to speak my mind without any inhibition or fear. Later in my life, in the year 1979, while I was a Major in the Indian Army, I had visited POKHRAN, the nuclear test site in the State of Rajasthan and I was smiling like ” THE SMILING BUDDHA “.

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Whole Man - Whole Theory: "I am Consciousness, Therefore I am" is my proposition to examine the reality of Man and the World in which he exists.

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