I would like to interpret Britney Spears visit to Malibu Hindu temple as an expression of an inner urge to search for her true identity. We all know that she is talented, attractive, rich and famous. It is not quite easy to be recognized by public and achieve the distinction of being a celebrity. But, in reality she is an individual that had existed before and would continue to exist in future. She is an eternal individual and her present physical condition in the material world is not her true identity. Hence, I am not really surprised to know that she chose to visit a Hindu temple. She made a very good start. She prayed to Lord Ganesha and I would interpret this worship as a mark of her sense of humility. We need to humble ourselves if we wish to acquire self-knowledge. We need pure knowledge and perfect wisdom to understand the true nature of our connection to the ultimate reality. Britney Spears is aware of the powerful effects of time. Time would eventually dissolve everything. We can not hold onto our unreal possessions. The youthful glamor, the vibrant and melodious voice, the wealth and fame would all fade away as time marches on. We are better off if we begin the search for true identity early in life rather than waiting for time to subdue our arrogance .

Britney Spears should continue her spiritual journey and humility would be a very valuable companion. Humility is a partner that you could trust and depend upon and I am not really concerned for not finding her husband in the above photo.

Published by Bhavanajagat

Whole Man - Whole Theory: "I am Consciousness, Therefore I am" is my proposition to examine the reality of Man and the World in which he exists.

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